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Title: Should we make a video? (PDF)

  • No more assumptions or weak measurements

  • Three-step process to help you choose useful videos

  • 9 pages

  • Includes an example

  • Includes a 20-minute video walkthrough 

Click here to download PDF

Who is it for?

  • Small and medium sized nonprofits

  • Consultants for nonprofits 

  • Comms specialists

Expected outcomes

  • Video process to solve specific problems 

  • Connect the problem and the audience to the appropriate video — see how it all works together

  • A step closer to making a strong case for videos to your managers and funders 

Please watch the 20-minute walkthrough video. Best viewed on a desktop. If the video on this page doesn't work, click here.


NOTE: Use this free tool at your own risk. I make no guarantees of video success. This is a shortened version of a process that I use for nonprofit clients and my wish is that it gives you a starting point in your video projects. Downloading this does not imply a client relationship, however you are very welcome to message me for help. 

Full video transcript (download PDF)