Course: How to make a nonprofit intro video

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2-minute video about the course

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This 2-minute video gives an overview of the course.


What is this? A do-it-yourself course to help you make a clear, simple introduction video for your nonprofit.  

Who is it for? Small nonprofits who want a cheap, cheerful video to clarify what they do and add a human touch. Is this right for you? Read more here.

What to expect:  You will access PDF instructions, templates, and videos that teach you to write, speak, record, and post the video. Completing the course and making a video could take you 1 or 2 days if you are dedicated. But, for most people it will take a couple weeks or more. It's up to you. For more answers and requirements, click here.


Next step:  When you are ready, scroll down and click "Buy". You will be shown a secure payment page. After paying, you'll be shown download instructions for your course.