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Your audience wants help - not videos

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

People want relevant info. They don’t want videos, articles, gifs, podcasts, etc for the sake of them. They just want the damn info. So, your job is to find the best vehicle for the info.

  • Busy exec tends to like text (scan headers and subheaders) and podcasts (listen while doing other things)

  • Students tend to benefit from visuals that make a-ha moments

  • Newcomer’s detect useful content in their language in a sea of English.

  • Service buyers watch videos to preview who they will partner with

  • Donors check FAQs to understand the process

There is nothing special about the TV your cat is pouncing on. It’s the birds on the Telus commercial that they are pouncing on.

“People are dying to put down your article” —Bryan Burrough, Vanity Fair.

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Disclaimer: Don't take me (or anyone) else too seriously. Industry culture, opinions, and ideas change over time. Learning never stops.

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