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How nonprofits can use video marketing

Your small nonprofit knows there is something about video marketing. You're interested. Now you're searching for that why and how. Your peers and other not-for-profits seem to be succeeding with videos. I suggest you forget about them. Here are two things to consider for YOU, to get your charity or nonprofit moving forward.

Small is powerful

Don't go big. Go small. That means forget about big, compelling, dramatic, cinematic brand videos for now. Instead, consider homemade or quick-production videos that address specific topics move quicker and help faster. Imagine this: you publish a 3-minute video, self-recorded on your smartphone, about a specific topic such as "how to take the bus to our building". You can be confident this will be useful to many of your clients. It's easy to do, serves a small group, and helps them immediately. The more of these types of videos you do, the more you build an ecosystem of videos that address many questions and inquiries. You become present and authoritative on your niche as time goes. The frequency, usage, and quantity, and ease all combine and start to snowball into visibility. Alternatively, if you focus on one big branding video, it will quickly collect dust in a closet on YouTube. Those are expensive, general, and usually don't do anything longterm.

Videos can be teammates

The amazing secret power of video is cloning yourself and your team. Videos that help answer questions, help train volunteers, help pitch funders, help recruit staff.... all of those videos combine to save you hours and wages in the long run. Simultaneously, the videos create visibility. When you have this combo, you can start calling it marketing because you (a) bring your service to the market, and (b) multiply your work and capacity. Your videos become clones of you. They become virtual ambassadors out in the wild cyber world.

The other power of video is the human element: the movement, the voice, the warmth. It offers you a window into the people of the organization. It reduces uncertainty, so that viewers can take a complete and confident move forward.


Go small. Go fast. Think of videos as teammates that do marketing for your not for profit.


Learn about our services at Nonprofit Video Comms or follow David on LinkedIn.

Check out the podcast here.

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