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Should my small nonprofit make a video?

In my opinion, there are three steps to consider before choosing or agreeing on a video. These three steps prevent something I've seen waaaay to many times: project fizzle. Project fizzle is when the project takes so long that it loses steam, people become busy, and it gets delayed or forgotten. This usually happens because staff chose the complicated route (without knowing it). But video for nonprofits can and MUST be simple and doable. Here is how:

  1. Figure out the problem you are trying to solve. Use a SWOT to analyze your communications.

  2. Research the needs of your specific target audience.

  3. Choose from my list of video types that match the above problem and audience.

These three steps are what I use in my own work with clients. You can learn them in more detail, with examples, by going to the free tools page here. No email or sign up needed. It's free! All yours. You get a nine-page PDF and a 20-minute video explainer. Let me know if you have any questions. I am always here to help.


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