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Stop thinking. Make this virtual tour video in 15 minutes. Help new clients.

Small nonprofits, if you haven't posted videos before, are thinking about it, and overwhelmed, I challenge you to try this:

  1. use your smartphone

  2. record walking through your building hallways or program areas

  3. don't edit, just post it

  4. use this title: "Here is what it looks like in our program. Would love to have you join us!"

  5. done

What happened?

  • You've made one video, and eliminated overthinking.

  • Several social followers who have been contemplating joining your program, just became one step closer to trusting your building — the safe space they hope for.

  • Next time someone emails about your location you can give them this video. They get a virtual tour. You've created a virtual tour guide (ie. a free virtual assistant)

  • You have now a feel for video. You can do another tomorrow. and another, and another. In a month, you'll have maybe 10 or so videos.

You don't always need to entertain or tell stories. Make people comfortable and familiar with you. Show them what they want to know.

Feel free to meet me on Linkedin :)

For more lessons and ideas, here is the podcast:

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