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The simplest fundraising video idea

This advice is for you if you:

  • are a small organization making your own video

  • have the courage to speak on camera

  • believe in building human trust over clever branding

The video idea

What: A zero-production selfie video of yourself explaining what your not-for-profit or charity needs. It appears on your campaign site, socials, pitches, and emails.

Why: You have neither budget nor time. This is fast and effective. Look up any current marketing report. Self-made videos feel more authentic and increase response rates.

How: Read the next section =)


  1. Get out the smartphone or webcam

  2. Record yourself saying the below template (insert your own words, of course)

  3. Post it with little to no editing. Put it in your campaign website, socials, partner pitches, and your newsletter.

The script template

This script should make a 2 minute video. Keep each line 2 sentences maximum.

"If you are [insert target audience], your help will [state the final-final outcome of the money].

We [insert what you do and why].

How your donation works is this: [insert 3-4 steps of how to donate and what happens to that money].

Previous donors have reported [describe one donor's why or their accomplishment from donating].

The best way to donate is [insert info for the most convenient way to donate].

After you donate, you can expect [explain what happens after they click "donate", e.g. a receipt in their email, or a letter in the mail, etc. ]"


Website: Place it right at the top of the campaign page

Social media: Feel free to re-post several times with different headlines. Give clear titles such as "here is the process for donating" or "here is what happens to your money". Avoid general headlines like "check out our video!" (no one wants to see another video for no reason).

Pitches: When you are pitching for partners and sponsors, be sure to link the video in any application or slideshow you use.

Email newsletter: Just like above in the social media section, be clear about what is inside the video. Don't say "check out our video" — it means nothing. Also, add this video to all of your staff's email signature.


Hope this helps someone out there!


Learn about our services at Nonprofit Video Comms or follow David on LinkedIn.

Do you enjoy audio? Hear similar advice at the podcast here.

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