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Tips for recording quick nonprofit videos

Recording may seem like a daunting task. Multiple takes, forgetting something, re-writes of your script... but don't worry. Here are some time-saving tricks:

  • Don't memorize everything, just memorize chunks and keep speaking notes nearby. It's okay to take a pause to glance down at your notes during recording. Many professional speakers do this at large conferences, and no one is bothered by it. Embrace this and don't worry about appearing unnatural. Also, avoid using a teleprompter as it may come across as fake and takes a lot of practice to make it appear seamless (remember you're trying to save time?).

  • If you forget to say something, consider leaving it out. Unless it's incorrect or potentially harmful, you can always make another video about that forgotten thing later. Most of the time we say too much anyway.

  • Don't worry about using filler words like "um" in social or informal videos. Sure, for more formal presentations you may want to practice reducing "um". But for social stuff, research suggests that these filler words can even be beneficial for communication (Youtube "Why do we hesitate when we umm speak" by Ted Ed).

Remember, perfection does not have the return on investment you think it does. Just get the info out to the people who need you. Save time by being real. People don't mind.

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