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Video success without social media (yay introverts)

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

David: This is episode number six of Nonprofit Video Comms. My name is David. This is the podcast to teach you video marketing tips to help your organization be seen, get funded and be more helpful to more people. My name is David.

If you are one of the organizations out there with your social media channels and they aren't very good and you might be thinking about videos as one way to improve your social media, but you don't know how to get started or you don't want to get on camera, maybe you're an introvert like me and social media just kind of feels like this weird game of constant catch up and grabbing in the dark… I'd like you to consider video marketing that does not need social media; that does not depend on it and never or maybe rarely is public. This is great if you're starting out and feeling shy. This is also great if you are more of a private person or private organization or there are Privacy concerns with your type of work, but you still want to get the benefits of video marketing.

Let's talk about two things.

The first one is, what does it mean to use a video? And I mean really use it. Use it like a tool. Use it in a way that does work for you that benefits you. That helps the work that you do and performs a function. Examples of using a video would be a video that helps a potential new donor or funder get a clearer idea about your work and your mission in a way that makes their decision making more confident in a way that makes them decide faster and with certainty. Another way for a video to be useful would be can this video train or equip our corporate partners so their staff can be ambassadors or Champions for us so that we can multiply their efforts and lead more donors or more members or more clients to our organization. This is on a very different end of the spectrum of awareness videos where you put videos out with a general message in order to raise awareness. And then, of course, there are ways to measure that. But if you're getting to know me and my podcast, I am all for trying to get videos to do something practical and observable and beneficial for the organization. Okay, so that's using videos. Let's talk about the second thing.

The second thing is this: being private, not relying on social media. Here are a few examples of how to use video marketing without ever being public about it. Some of my peers are finding a lot of success using private video messaging. So, for example, you might do custom personalized video messages when you're doing outreach in my work. That means introducing myself to an organization and telling them about my work and why they might find value or benefit from it. You would use something like your smartphone camera and upload your video to a private channel on YouTube or a private channel on Vimeo and then sending that link or sorry, including the link in an outreach email. Or there's all in one services like Vidyard Wistia Loom Soapbox, which is part of Wistia, where you can just open up your laptop and it will walk you through the whole process of recording a personal video message. The open rate of my emails. The action that they've taken to accept a meeting or to go to my portfolio or website has drastically increased compared to the days where I wasn't using video messaging. That is a result is an action that I can record and improve and repeat. And those videos were never public. They were never on social media. They were just between me and the recipient. Why is this considered marketing? Because the loose definition of marketing is that any relevant activity to getting your service to the market. And if this video doesn't lead to a new member or new client or new donation, at least it left a visual impression on the person. At least they got to meet a person. Another example of a private video would be having a private channel on YouTube or a private channel on Vimeo with maybe a library of different videos you can use for different situations. You might use an intro video that you filmed yourself on Zoom for corporate partners, and then you'd have a different intro video for why people should become members of your Association. And then you'd have a different intro video for recruiting volunteers. But why would we make so many different intro videos? Because each audience wants different things. So you would make a video addressing those different things. But in this private library of yours, when the occasion or the opportunity comes up, go copy that link, paste it into the email and say, “hey, it was great to meet you at that conference. If you're interested in that membership we were talking about, please, I invite you to watch this two minute video and see if this resonates with you.” I promise you, if anyone is interested — let's call that a warm lead; you meet somebody who's interested in a membership — they're going to watch that video... That homemade, sincere, charming and completely private video that is not on social media.

So we talked about two things. What it means to use video and perform a function and lead people to an action that benefits your organization. And the second thing is the ability to use videos privately.

And a final note about this whole concept of useful, functional videos that are private and don't rely on social media is this: it is still doing the marketing for you. You have to think about it this way. It is doing work for you. Asynchronously. did I say that right? Did I pronounce that right? I'm not sure. But what it means is it happened at the viewers’ convenience and what that means for you is that it happens without you being there. That is the point — or sorry, no, not the point — but that is one of the benefits of putting your marketing out there. Except in our case, it's not parking a video on YouTube praying and crossing fingers that people will walk by and watch. This video is that we're doing it targeted specific one to one and letting the video do the job of speaking for you at the other person's convenience. to me, currently, that sounds like a great way of extending your talents.

You can find me on LinkedIn by searching David Phu. P-H-U.

Another place that you can learn more about me is at my company's website, We provide full training to make videos yourself and to strategize how to get the most out of them. We can do guided recording, and we can just do everything for you if you want nothing to do with it. Thank you for listening. until next time.


Learn about our services at Nonprofit Video Comms or follow David on LinkedIn.

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