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What is a nonprofit strategic comms video?

What is a “strategic comms video”? It's a video that fortifies your strategic comms goals.


Your organization's goal is to increase awareness of programs for non-English-speaking Chinese senior local community. As the comms person, you know that they tend to get community and health info from their adult children. You've got a website, social content, newsletter, etc. Here is where video comes in...

In all those channels and touch-points, you should add a short video of the programmer introducing themselves. This smooths the final barriers; it answers their fears such as "Who leads the program?", "Will my mom be safe?", "Will she be welcome?", "Does the programmer speak Chinese?” These are some of the final hurdles that searchers traditionally try to uncover on their own by searching through your photos, doing a quick drive-by, or looking at Google reviews — that is IF they haven't quit already. But you can prevent them quitting because you showed up with your face, voice, and warmth to usher them past those final barriers.

Strategic videos are especially useful during the COVID-19 pandemic when community buildings are closed for drop-ins and tours. For more stuff like this in your inbox, please subscribe here :)

Disclaimer: Don't take me (or anyone) else too seriously. Industry culture, opinions, and ideas change over time. Learning never stops.

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