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Why your nonprofit needs video in 2022

Understanding WHY your not-for-profit or charity needs video is becoming more obvious. Here is a quick timeline of video marketing and where we are today.

Video usage from 2000 to now

In 2000, online video was about waving your arms big, like "hey, everyone, look at me". Videos needed drama, special effects, high emotions, and high quality. Social media was a very general public space, like a mall. So grabbing attention was necessary.

In 2010, online video was about "hey you, I can see where you hang out, I can go there too, now look at me". Videos needed relevance and clear titles. Social media's new algorithms prioritized individual interests. It rewarded being specific over being general. It went from being a mall to being different hangouts within a mall. Understanding needs and online spaces was necessary.

Today, in 2020 onward, online video is about "hey you, you asked, and i'm here to help, let's talk directly." Videos can go beyond social media and straight into an inbox or text message. Algorithms, SEO tools, site analytics, and private video apps make this all possible. It's even more specific than before. And high production is no longer necessary. It went from being different hangouts within a mall to sitting right next to the person and delivering a note in their hand.

An example of this: many video apps can send a quick video to donors right to their phone to show something cool happening in the moment such as delivering holiday gifts or renovating a community centre. Imagine being a donor and getting a "ding" in your pocket and then seeing a video of a recipient that says "with your donation, YOU made this possible."

Video is now offering a way to serve people in a way that they'll feel involved, acknowledged, and helped.

(the above is a general overview of video marketing, not entertainment, news, film, etc. )


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