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Free content

Regularly updated free resources to help small nonprofits and sector consultants continue learning about video marketing.

It's all yours. Enjoy! 

Linkedin daily posts

Daily posts by David. This is the primary source of learning for most of Nonprofit Video Comms' clients. Click here to follow on Linkedin.


Nonprofit Video Comms podcast

This show offers advice to small nonprofits who want to use video marketing to be seen, get funded, and be more helpful. Episodes are short and published almost daily. Expect straightforward, actionable tips. Click here to listen and subscribe on your favourite player.


Free tools and guides

PDFs and video walkthroughs of basic video marketing plans, instructions, and templates. Click here to browse the free tools and guides. No email needed. 


YouTube channel

The YouTube channel is pretty empty at the moment but feel free to subscribe and be the first to see videos as we grow this channel. Click here to see the YouTube channel.


Email newsletter

The Nonprofit Video Comms newsletter publishes every couple months and includes tips, special guests, and announcements related to video marketing. Click here to subscribe to the newsletter.



The blog is a source for tips and ideas about nonprofit video marketing. Click here to read the blog.

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